Maruti set to capture sedan market through its compact new Swift Dzire

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For over two decades, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has been the market leader of Indian cars. It's their belief in their innovation and creativity and core values that keep the spirits high for this company in producing a whopping 1.2 million vehicles annually, which is one of the highest number of vehicles manufactured in Asia!

Maruti Swift Dzire Review suggests that Maruti Suzuki always has its bag full of surprises for its customers. It has been rumoured that Maruti Suzuki would be introducing a new compact designed car which would be based on its current sedan model - Maruti Swift Dzire. It is also interesting to know from the insiders that the trial run for the new model has begun, which would give us a chance to have a first look at the car before it is officially launched. This time, Maruti India decided to launch sedan which is speculated to be less than 4.16 metres long depending on the Government's decision of charging less excise duties depending on the length of the car. For the current model of Maruti Swift Dzire, the consumers would have to bear more than 22% excise duty, but now they only have to pay 10% excise duty due to reduction in the size. The new Maruti Swift Dzire for now has been named as Swift 3.99 and would be manufactured at the Manesar unit. Maruti plans to launch the new sedan in the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo.

With almost Rs 500 crores invested in the manufacture of this new sedan, MSIL also believe that the car would do well in European and Latin American markets due to consumer demand for a compact fuel efficient car. It has been speculated that current model of Maruti Swift Dzire price is Rs 4.94 lakhs, the new sub-compact New Maruti Swift Dzire Price would likely be Rs 4.49 lakhs. Maruti Suzuki Dzire has many rival car brands, one of which is the Toyota Etios sedan which sells at under Rs 5 lakhs. MSIL plans to capture the small segment sedan car market that is currently being occupied by other major car brands like the Toyota Etios sedan and Tata Indigo that are already famous among the masses. The new sub-compact Maruti Swift Dzire price would likely be Rs 4.49 lakhs

As per the 2006 budget, there has been significant deduction in the excise duty of the cars that have length less than 4 meters and engine capacity under 1200 cc for petrol engine and under 1500 cc for a diesel engine. As the proposed Maruti Swift Dzire currently meets these criteria the consumers would be benefitted with paying less duty.

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Maruti set to capture sedan market through its compact new Swift Dzire

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This article was published on 2011/09/28